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This is a definite "print out" article. Superbly written and perfect, wonderful advice. Great job! God bless!
woo i suppose there had to be one "time management " article in this weeks enteries.. i would love to have read it but i didnt have time! no seriously it was well written and a good way to tackle this theme
I enjoyed your investment strategy story immensely. Gee, if we all prioritized our time I wonder what we could accomplish. Good job and keep writing.
I'm interested to find out who you are. You sound like a professional organizer I know.
Great article. Well written. Thanks.
I like the saucy tone of this article. There are some gems here. I'd like to see you cut the word count in half -- pare it to the bone. Then the gems will shine!
Great article and advice. Americans on average do work more than any other country in the world.
Plotting out what you do with your time is a good way to see how it is used.
well done on the highly commended place :-)
Congratulations on this interesting and useful article. It's definitely wise to make good use of the time God has given us.
I love your wry sense of humor. Inmy book any article that talks about having tog to the bathroom in the first paragraph is definitely worth a read! I thought I was the only one who thought of those things! Your article was filled with sparks of humor and great advice, it's important to manage our time and to make sure we make time for ourselves and the Lord.
Practical yet fun writing on an important subject. Made me reconsider my choices of time management as a retired preacher living in isolated rural Latvia.