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Great job of narrating the lineage of Old Testament kings. The visual of a father imprinting his sin upon his son is so powerful. What a great message - and warning - for today's fathers.
This is a great reminder to stay focused on the King of Kings. He alone can keep us on the right path. Thank you.
These are powerful words that really give one quite a bit to ponder.
This is by far the most moving that I have read in this week's entries! Perhaps more than any other, David displayed the vast array of human strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures. A deep study in human nature, to be sure...but so many lessons for us all to learn. Excellent piece and excellent writing!
Well done on your story about the kings. Your bibilical knowledge is excellent.
Well done.
I loved how you covered the kings of the old testament. Your knowledge showed through. Good job and a very enjoyable read.
Your message shines through this beautifully worded story of King David (and a hint to Saul...then the promise of Solomon's reign). The thing I appreciated most was the acknowledgment that the writer, himself, was flawed, as were his children, BUT, as mentioned in your title we can "Take Heart" because there is Hope. Super, super congrats on your Editor's Choice award! This is wonderful!
Great job. I loved some of the phrasings; "When will fathers stop kissing death onto their sons foreheads?" Just wonderful. The ending was inspired.
Very creative and unique. Congratulations on your EC!
Very interesting way of telling this old familiar story. And it makes such a great point of the importance of leaving a purpose-full legacy for our children and grandchildren. Congratulation! :)
Sorry I didn't read this earlier. Great job and congrats on EC.
Really great writing - very gripping and realistic. I love your last line. Congrats on being placed in EC.
Congratulations! Well deserved!
The King is dead, but his legacy lives. Which one will we pass on? Thank you for sharing your insight.
Your writing ability shines in this story. You've painted a heart for all to see. Congratulations on placing!