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Lovely gentle read with vivid imagery.
I enjoyed this very much.
This is a charming story. It reminds me of the simpler day when neighbors were neighbors not just some stranger who lived next door.Nice writing.
Interesting and enjoyable - thank you for sharing.
A very enjoyable read. I remember those days when I was a little girl. Neighbors were more than neighbors. There was a closeness back then. Good job.
lovely i love your first line and its repetition at the end and such a lovely tribute to a lovely lady. I hope there really was an Aunt lilly, we need more of them!
Is it not an oxymoron to have a permanent imprint on the heart - by someone loved - and have it not be special?

The story has strong appeal with endearing Aunt Lily, but is delivered somewhat disjointedly [. . . Aunt Lily was mine . . . tell you about my mother . . . thatís how I met Aunt Lily . . . ].
Never knew if she married?
Loved to tell stories . . . had many stories . . . we hear no hint of those stories.
Parts of the entry read like a live event and the others like a textbook bio, neither complementing the other effectively.

The strength of this story, and it is related quite well, is at ďthatís how I came to know Aunt Lilly.Ē Moving off of that, the interchange with you and her is well described and I became enchanted with the dear aunt because of it.

Your vision is so bright and captivating it exceeds your ability to express it . . . for now. A little more harnessing of that marvellous mindís eye of yours and the passion which is there . . . will be put to print.
Karen, I plan to feature this on the Front Page Showcase for the week of March 21. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home Page--and congratulations!