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Lovely nostalgic read. Wonder how many people listen to the radio these days and how many more would know what a radiogram was.
I did hear a rumour last year that the Queen's speech might be only broadcast on TV in the near future:)
Well done.
WOW! An enlightening trip back into history. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for a history lesson from across the ocean. Very good writing.
This was a fascinating lesson in history and you told it well.
Some wonderful descriptions in there - I loved the description of Arthur sailing into the sitting room with the flotilla of the others. Have you seen the film "The King's Speech"?
You've written on the topic, 'era'. Your choice of writing a significant period in history in the life of England (after the First World War I) and its people made the story very meaningful and nostalgic. The Miller family had seen that special moment on the eve of Christmas morn.

I really find your description of the Arthur Millers home in their parlour (living room) very inspiring and sweet.

Thank you for sharing this bit of history and incorporating the family into it.

Very well-written.
Great creativity and character building in here. There were a few slips of tense that made a few passages difficult to follow, and there was a lot of telling surrounding the characters. Think of ways to show a character is uncomfortable, rather than telling us he is. You have a very strong voice - keep writing.
Very interesting peep into history. My granddaughter and I are studying world history and about to reach this moment in time. I'll have to share this with her as well. Thank you for a fun read.