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Really enjoyed your well written and interesting story.
That so took me back to my girl scout days. It was fun to remember.

The prank reminded me of a joke played on Mom, a chaperone. She was covered with a blanket and told you have something on that we want. (the blanket) It was quite funny until Mom handed her bra out. But the joke was on us Mom knew all along and had extra clothes.

I had forgotten that precious memory until I read your story. I can't tell you how grateful I am for you bringing Mom back to life for me even for a little bit. Your writing was so detailed, it really helped me relive those moments.

My red ink would be to double space in between speakers just to make it easier to read and to clarify the speaker, even if the the quote is only one or two words.

Being able to connect with the reader, like your did with me is a great gift!
What a fun memory. :)
Very nice story and so well written. Thanks for sharing.
I have the utmost appreciation for those who work with kids or teens, a true calling in life. Great writing and great story!
Never a scout, I really enjoyed spending a day with a scout leader. You made it all a great visual for me.
A very cute story about Girl Scouts. I enjoyed this very much.
Well told. A timeless story; how nice to be reminded that there are some life experiences that don't change.