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This is an usual take on the topic for me. The wife was hard, without hope maybe. I definately felt they were lost. Thanks for sharing.
Wow this is intense! You really gave me a lot to think about it. Sometimes we find ourselves in a different path than the one we hoped for. Thankfully, Jesus is waiting for us no matter what!
Loved the story! Good job of story-telling! I often wonder what goes through the minds of those who never served God as their journey in life comes near the end. Great writing!
This was deep. God said the road to hell is wide and many will walk upon it. Thank you.
This was a very sad and empty tale of lives wasted. You set the tone well considering you only had 750 words in which to convey a wasted life. That's hard to do, but you managed to do it. I like the ending, the contrast between fine scotch and the dirty, drowning fly. No matter how Glen stuggles to be "fine scotch," in the end he is only a dirty fly about to drown.
Congratulations on first place in your category for a story to really make the reader think...more than that to desire to be more than a "taker." Interesting that your mc never recognized himself for what he was.
Wow, another amazing entry. I love your word choices and the symbolism you use. Excellent! Super congrats on that ribbon.. and on up you go! :)
A terrific example of show, don't tell. Your story shows me how wide the road is. Thank you.