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This is a good retelling of the story. If you take the last paragraph where you tell us the message and pepper it throughout the story and show us how the heat must have burned her face, both with shame and from the walk, the message would have a greater impact. You did a good job of bringing the MC to life and your message is an important one. I can feel year passion in your words. Keep writing!
I loved how you told the story of the woman at the well. How the stones burned her feet and how Jesus told her all things and offered living water. Good job and keep writing.
i love the title and this story is a great one to use to illustrate the theme. you have written this well, i also wrote about this samaritan woman in a previous challenge and it was one of my first stories. you can look under my name it was called A drink of Water.
i found it interesting to see the way you developed the story.. it is great to imagine yourself into bible stories and retell them in fresh way. look forward to hearing more of your work in due course