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You have a talent for descriptive writing. Very well done!
I loved this... especially how you talked about the rose and then the thorns! Was wonderful... I didn't care for the line, "So too did Gods Son rise as a Savior to man, bringing new life and new birth to those who believed" as you seemed to change tense in the story. Good job though. Blessings, Amy
Well written! You definitely are blessed with descriptive technique! Only one thing I noticed...I believe a flower petal is with a "t" and not a "d." Of course, pedal with a "d" would be like a bike pedal. At least, that's the way it is here in the USA; may be different in other countries. Overall great piece!
Nice job. I enjoyed the rose as romance and how you described why God developed each flower.
This is a very descriptive account of the creation of flowers, yet it skillfully avoids adjective overload. I was puzzled, though, by the appearance of Susie, and the grandmother, and Dan during the Creation. Of course, God sees through all of Time, but it was confusing--perhaps you could put the "today" uses of flowers in separate paragraphs from their creation. Nicely written, though--thank you.
Spectacular! Enjoyed the perspective and the physical nature you lent to color. You also captured the eternal nature of the Lord very well. Neat work!
Richly detailed without being overloaded, and I loved how you wove in Gods view of what would be yet to come from our perspective - but already occuring to His. This is beautiful. God bless.
Lovely ... yes, we can almost see God delighting in each different flower He created!
Very poignant story. I think God is pleased when we find enjoyment in His creations.
A very descriptive entry! Very well done! Thanks for sharing!
I loved this, Rachel! I quite enjoyed how you wove "future" snippets into God's thoughts during creation - a poignant way to show how He is outside of time. Great job!
This was extremely well done. I enjoyed the movement back and forth through time (as we know it) and found the second to last paragrpah quite moving. Loved how you brought that message in. Well done.
And if He cares so much for flowers, how much more does He care for us? Very gentle and sweet reading. Relaxing too.
Excellent word-smithing. I am jealous. I love the flahes back and forth in time, though I think it would've flown a little more smoothly if you had written it, a little girl, a man...instead of using names...but over all, very VERY good piece.
Simply lovely!
A delightful insight into what might have been in the heart of God as he created flowers. I too appreciated the poignancy of God looking forward in time and seeing how his creation is used and abused. Thought the end worked well. Yeggy
An enjoyable and lovely read!