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aww this song brings back memories.i like the story thank you for writing it
Do they make machines that have it all like you write about? That would be awesome. I remember singing with all my old records. They do bring back lots of memories. Thanks for sharing:)
I like how you took the words to the song and applied them to the MC's life. I think we all have songs like that, that tell our story in a way most people would never imagine. I'm not sure what the copyright laws are on songs, but make sure the song is in Public Domain if you don't have the author's permission. I'm pretty sure you're okay, but it's always good to double check.

Again very nice job in turning the song into a way for the MC to find peace.Good job!
This is based on a true story so yes the radio/cd player/record/tape player do exist. I did not make up the story nor did I need to apply the words to my life. I may not have been as reflective at the time I got the player but have had similar thoughts since loosing my brother to alcoholism in 1997. The song still makes me cry.