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a perfect day, and you "paint the picture" so well especially of the man.... maybe more description of Barbara would be good too :-)
I would have loved to have been in that sail boat
I like your descriptions. I could almost feel the spray on my face. Thanks for sharing with us.
Thank you for a very tender story. Very well told.
Your descriptions of Kenneth were very thorough and well done! I expected there to be a punch line that had to do with his looks somehow as you dwelt on his appearance so much. Sweet story -- sounds like they have a very happy and loving marriage!
A lovely portrait of a happy couple!
You romantic, you! What a tender story and well-written, too! I think you have a very soft spot in that big heart of yours! LOL
I can't believe no one caught (or at least no one commented on) your twist. Kenneth (Ken) and Barbara (Barbie) it! :-) Great job!
I'm glad I came in on the last comment, since I had no clue. I had a hard time tying to understand the point of the story. It seemed like one long description of two striking people on a boat ride. But then....and now I know. Clever and creative. I suppose it could happen :-)
This is the perfect idyllic description. At first glance it doesn't seem to fit the topic, but once one looks deeper. It's clear that this perfect romance takes place more often when littlie girls are playing with their dolls and using their imagination. A more optimistic person than I might think these romances happen in real life more than once in a blue moon! Although romance isn't my favorite genre you painted a lovely picture. Your message was subtle but lovely. Great job!
So without Shelley I wouldn't have gotten the Ken and Barbie reference either- but that is so clever!! I guess I was distracted by Andrea Bocelli- cause I love him, and also oddly enough the book I am reading right now- the character's last name is Dahl. Loved this story!
Dull me! Missed the reference, but fell in love with Ken!