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It's never too late to clear up miscommunication. Naomi must have felt very weighed down for far too long.
What a heavy weight to carry for such a long time. God is good through it all. God bless you as you write for His honor and glory. Merry Christmas!
Holding onto any kind of miscommunications for any length of time can be a weight that really is unnecessary. Thank you for a very poignant story.
There is a good message in your story and communication is vital to relationships. Thanks for sharing.
i read this through twice and still did not quite understand what the issue was all about. I think i might have got a little lost in the church structure and the committees because i am a Brit.
having said that i can see that you are describing the common issue of misunderstandings that can arise and grudges that can be held between people sometimes for years, for which christians are not immune and this is certainly a theme that transposes cultures and happens in all places.... including the UK :-)
a good subject for the theme thanks for highlighting it
This is a great devotion. I really like how you started with a personal story that many can relate to. You message was clear and direct without being preachy. The scripture you selected was great as well. You should consider submitting this to a devotional magazine.
This is the epitome of how easily things can be misunderstood when we only get PART of a story. Of course, that's all we ever get. We never have the whole story, only God sees the whole picture. That's why we need to be slow about jumping to conclusions.

This was important to share. Thanks