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So true. "A little child shall lead..." Sadly, they also follow. Great reminder that we're being watched - and duplicated.
We need to be constantly aware of how our actions and speech affect others - especially little children who imitate us. Good message. God bless you with a Merry Christmas!
No truer words have ever been spoken. How we act, talk and teach through our actions is how the world perceives us. Are we sending a Godly message? A child practices what he is taught. Thank you for a vey true to life story.
A great lesson here and one we all to keep in mind. Watch your spacing between paragraphs. Adding a space makes the article easier to read. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
through the eyes of babes indeed. a clever story and well told. now you need to look at the boring things like layout and paragraph spacing to give a little shine to your work. check out a few of the other stories where there is speech and you will soon get the hang of that. well done for using this idea and slant on the theme
Hmm...makes you think, doesn't it? You have a nice message here. Try using more white space between paragraphs and commas within your sentences - this will make your writing even more enjoyable to the reader.

Keep it up!
You have a nice sense of humor and delivered a great message.

You've got a great start on writing short stories. In the forums there is a great thread called Jan's Writing Basics levels It's really helpful for all levels of writers.

Keep on writing.