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Didn't I read somewhere that men are from Mars and women, from Venus? This is such a cute story and leaves the reader wondering what happens next. Great job!
Poor girl, poor guy! A man definitely has his own way of thinking! Good story!

Merry Christmas and God bless your writing.
What a remarkable and tender story of miscommunications. I loved how you told as well as showed how not saying what you truly mean can gum up the works. Good job.
Talking about communication breakdown, this takes the prize. So funny and nicely told. Merry Christmas
Bill is close to discovering how the moon got into earth orbit. A few more "wrong words" and he main gain a higher perspective. What a fun read with a realistic message.
Hoo, boy - what a pickle Bill got himself into! This made me smile because it was written so true to life of the typical male mind (I have a husband and 4 boys - I KNOW that mind!). Very well-written. I enjoyed this!
You have a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed reading about the poor guy's mistakes.

The only thing that might have made a good story a great one would have been if you did more showing than telling. Show the reader the blunders and how the characters reacted.

You have a great imagination with a nice subtle message. Keep writing!
Oh, what I would give to know if this is a true story!

Great comedy of errors. Bill, Bill, Bill - I just want to shake him and tell him to "get his head in the game"!

Great job, Leola!