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What a griping story. Sad how people judge so quickly. Also how children single out one child who is different and bullies them. Thank you.
Oh, what a kicker! Sad ending, but excellent from a writing standpoint.

Quick note: be mindful of elicit/illicit, an easy pair of words to get mixed up.

Very good characterization in this story.
What a dramatic ending to a sad story. I like this very much. Well written.
This left tears in my eyes and I gasped out loud at the level of the bullying. This is happening in the world. I was hoping for a happy ending for your MC but this way really drives your message home and in the real world often there are not happy endings for these kids. Congratulations on your well deserved HC! This is definitely one of the most powerful pieces I read.
This was such a powerful and heartbreaking story. Congratulations on your HC. Nice work.