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I do not possess the skill to write like this, but it's not really what I like to read.
Others will probably disagree with me and say it's brilliant, but I found your writing style so extravagant, ornate, and flowery that it breaks the flow of the story and draws attention to itself.

Your writing style far exceeds mine. I enjoyed reading your entry. You have a flair for the dramatic. I learn so much from each entry. Thank you for sharing.
I guess that we're all different in what we like in descriptive writing. I thought your opening paragraphs were beautiful and moving. Later on you came perilously close to purple prose. I much preferred the Emily in the simplicity of her pre-Blackberry days but no one can afford to stay in the past. Well done for being so experimental
This contains some beautiful phrases and descriptions. It is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
It is a different style that some will love and others not as much. The important thing to remember is to be true to your heart and listen to what God is telling you.