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We're moving way too fast, and losing each other in the process.... this piece condenses our "dilemma" nicely. Great job.
Beautifully written and well put. Always rushing never truly connecting. Busy, busy like little ants, never truly slowing down and enjoying each others company. The sign of the times. I love reading each entry. I learn so much. Thank you for sharing.
What struck me reading your piece is that it's rather difficult to properly describe a sigh in electronic communication.
Really well said. Clever. You have put serious thought into cyber communication.
I like it.
One of my favorites so far. Good flow, well planned and communicated. Great job.
This is definitely a different piece. It encompassed me with a sense of sadness that I can't quite let go.
It is sad that we are losing the human to human aspect of communication. You captured the essence of cyber contact very well.
I like how much you expressed here. Excellent.
You're right... [electronic communication] is just NOT perfect on many levels. You have great alliteration here, "translated, transmuted, and transmitted." This has a great message!
Well expressed with so much truths! How sad communication is today of conversations and voices not heard, where there is no breaths of excitement or hugs to give or receive! It's so lacking personal touch and ever wanting. Excellent work.
You voiced the heart of the problem with "Cyber Communication". Seeing (and hearing) allows us a depth in conversation that mere words can not possibly demonstrate for we are not "seeing" the whole person. Well said.