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What a powerful story. Fighting Gossip is difficult on your own. We are powerless if we try to fight it on our own. God has the power and the scripture summed up gossip perfectly. Thank you.
This is a great story. I enjoyed it the human in me wanted to know what lies Tanya told. Nice job
I felt for Sealy right away. She's in a tough place in the natural, but she's facing her destiny in the spiritual. God never leads us anywhere He can't protect us and teach us. Good job.
This sentence particularly stood out for me "you have a personal relationship with truth. You have nothing to fear."

It reminds me in the Bible "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

Excellent job.
Great message and characters...I felt I really knew Sealy
Great message! I loved the last line where she takes her pain to God and also the powerful verse at the end. I, too, kept wondering what lies were being told about her even though your message didn't really require your reader to know this.
I loved, loved, loved that you purposefully didn't reveal the rumors. This is a VERY good piece of writing.
You have a great story here, and a great message. Good job! :)
Great work here. I could picture everything, and your message is excellent.
This is a wonderful story, very well presented. Realistic dialog and descriptions; I felt Sealy's pain and bewilderment, and then felt her inner strength as she took it all to the Lord. Great job.
I can't think of anything new to add what's already been written but wanted to share how much I enjoyed the story. It was well-written, incredibly compeling. I liked the voice of your mc.
Very good narrative with a strong message behind. I can feel the exasperation and the pain the MC is going through. Glad the story ended well. It's so important to have a listening ear—someone who understands and is willing to guide. The title goes well with your story in suggesting the start of a rumor, "Do you know ..."
I too enjoyed this story. It's compelling and the dialog is excellent. I like Cooper's words of wisdom. The world could use a few more like him. Great job!
I love Cooper's advice that the best way to confront lies is with the truth.

Great dialogue, descriptions, and awesome story-telling here! This is one of the best stories I've read for this topic!