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I liked this! Abigail is quite a character! Dream sequence was very smoothly done, with the little twist at the end. Thoroughly enjoyed your story.
Loved Abigail's dream. A very cute story.
This is so well written and entertaining. Dream sequences sometimes leave the reader feeling a little cheated, but this one absolutely works. Great job.
This was such a wonderful delight to read. I chuckled throughout it. The pictures you painted were truly art.

My only suggestion would be to resolve the conflict by something other than a dream. The rest of your story was brilliant and the dream ending is one done too many times.

It is quite obvious that you have outstanding talent. I hung onto every word. I also even feel in love with poor Abigal. Brilliant job!
I was there at the nursing home seeing these people for real. I really enjoyed this. Good writing.
So cute! Loved every word.
This was so good!

My only problem was the dream bit; it's just not my favorite way to resolve a conflict.

Nevertheless, this was a highly entertaining story that I enjoyed very much!
Echoing what others have said - your characters and setting were excellent - the dream wrap-up seemed almost too pat. Your talent is obvious.
Your dialog is excellent, and the sound-effects of Abigail's walker made this wonderful piece even more realistic. GREAT job!
I loved the setting for this story. You did a good job communicating your message. :)
Congratulations, Scarlett, on your 2nd Place. This story was so fun. You set the scene and drew a very memorable character for your readers. God Bless.
A well-deserved placing for a great story! I'm so happy for you!
Excellent work! I didn't see it coming so the "dream" ending worked well. (The title should have given it away, I suppose.) And Abigail was easy to dislike so good job on your character development.
Congratulations! I knew this was a winner the first time I read it!
Congratulations for your high ranking!
This was excellent!!!!! Very impressed. Love it all from characers, dialogue, plot to sound effects.
Great job and congrats on placement.
I loved it! The beginning had me laughing!
A very well-written story. It's a sad story but one we need to be aware of.

I like the title because I want to think that she awakened to the problem and can change her ways.

Good job.