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This was like watching a mini-movie - I felt as if I were right there! The voices, both the MC and her mom, were very genuine and distinguishable. I've prayed the same things, so that part was very real to me, too. The story was wonderful, your writing was excellent and Julie invoked my empathy. Overall, you captured my attention and engaged my heart. What more can you ask of a story?
What a tender story. Very well written and the MC held my attention and I could feel her pain. Thank you.
This is a sweet story and I'm delighted Momma's prayers were finally answered. It's difficult to be a mother but often just as difficult to be a daughter.
You captivated me through out the story. Well done!
Well done--I thought the mother was dead all along and the ending 'got' me.
There is so much more I want to know about Julie and her mom! (Which shows how much I liked your story - you made me care about your characters.) The little things, like Julie kicking the box, show her feelings and attitude without telling. I really like this!
I enjoyed Mama's Prayer very much. The ending was unexpected. Good job.
I love your ending... life often takes us into some rough spots [as shown by your MC's story]. Your message shines through!
Would love to hear more of the story!

I also felt like Jenny was dead, as the note said "belonged" as in past tense.

Would also like to know what else was in the box!
An original take on the prodigal. So many mothers praying for children to return to their roots. Great job.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level 2!