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Very good! Enjoyed!
If it's not blashemous; this is rather like a God's eye view, isn't it. Scary to remember that there is no corner of our life hidden from Him.
Excellent writing!
Really, really good. You really draw the reader into the room with you.
This is a masterpiece; so creative!
I really enjoyed the creative perspective presented here!!! Nice job!
Good writing!
Great story. We'd all like to be a 'fly on the wall' sometimes!
Rats! I thought I was the only one who came up with the "fly on the wall" perspective LOL(Advanced "Bug-Eyed Witness") Yours was so creative and clever. Maybe we can get our little friends together sometime :-) Loved the story. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Very nicely written
Very good writing. I enjoyed this piece very much.
Well done! Interesting take on the topic. Enjoyed this.
Ann, congratulations on your 3rd place in the Level 2 Challenge Awards. It was well deserved.

I have to admit, I was like Lynda Schab when I saw that two of you had come from a similar out of the box angle. Just goes to show that you both have a great imagination.

The only thing I picked up on when I was reading it was that you used the word "grown" for "groan," in this sentence, "He gives a low grown and leans back." But other than that, it was a very good piece of writing that really did answer that request we so often have, "If only I were a fly on the wall..." Keep up the great work. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Whoa. This is just soooooo good. I was reading several of your works and came across this and couldn't stop reading it. I love your descriptions as they paint such a clear colorful picture. I felt like I was another fly next to this one, noticing each visitor who passed through these doors. Well done! God bless. Janice+-