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I at first didn't truly grasp this letter until I read it a second time. Schizophrenia is a harsh task master. I have seen that first hand. It's as if there are two separate people in one body. What a powerful letter. Thank you for this letter called Fractured.
Excellent article, which well illustrates not only the doubts the mentally ill can have, but the insidious way that Satan tried to undermine our belief.
I knew immmdiatly what was happening to this poor soul.

Some of the words were mispelled and jammed together, but then, that could be for effect of the mental illness.

Well done!
Wow, this is great. Your style and pacing is right on in this piece. Some of the word choices seemed out of the MC's voice - malevolent, for example, but that was a tiny blip in an otherwise excellent entry.
A similar situation occured locally when a young man committed a terrible crime in obedience to the voices he heard. You showed his side of this tragedy so clearly. Great job.
You did a great job showing the inner rage and battle going on inside. How wonderful to know Jesus loves us and will fight the demons if we ask.
Very good story. Well written, good voice. Great job.
Outstanding! You got all three voices pitch-perfect, and I found this both riveting and disturbing.

Wonderful ending--this is a very strong story!
Great job on this disturbing story of hope. I can sense the evil in Satan's voice.
I thought this was excellently done. You did the voices perfectly; I could easily see it as a movie short. Or even extended to novel length. Superb job.
Very powerful article. The run on, no pause, voice of the Strongman was difficult to endure so imagine what the condemned man suffered. Triumph and glory to the King that the letter was finished.
I think it is unique and I applaud you for sticking to what is obviously your favoured genre.
Congratulations, Colin, on your 2nd place. This was truly a very powerful piece.
Congratulations for placing 2nd in your level!
Colin!!! how wonderful. Congratulations it is well deserved. Rich deep blessings be on you and your writing