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Wow, you and I were on the same wave length for this challenge! My letter was to my abuser! Great advice and thankfully, Christ has seen me through this and given me peace with my abuse. My letter is the first one on the list, Confronting My Abuser.
WHOA! WOW! I cannot say enough about your letter. Beautifully written and yes it can help those who have been sexually abused. Thank you.
Thank you for sharing and putting into action how Jesus can get us through these atrocious acts that are forced upon us by others. It is very encouraging indeed to learn of someone surrendering their pain to God and letting him help bring good from the bad.
Thank you for giving hope to many. Sexual abuse is an extremely difficult sin to wrap one's mind around. Sharing your experience will help many take their first step in their own road to healing.
This is a very informative article; I hope it finds its audience.

Despite the word 'letter' in the title, I felt that this was largely off-topic, as it's really more of an essay than a handwritten correspondence.

Nevertheless, it's a very important subject, and I'm glad you've shared it here.
There is much good encouragement and hope in this article. A couple typos and/or misspellings here and there (for example, the spelling of the word 'counselor'), but other than that, well written. Good job!
Great job of stepping up with such helpful information for others. You really reached out on this one by sharing your experience. God Bless.