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What a powerful letter. I could truly feel her pain. Facing our giants can set us free and I thank God that freedom and peace of mind came as well as the strength to forgive the abuser.
Powerful letter. Yep- we must have been on the same page.

With Love,
Cindy Tuttle
This letter is heart-wrenching. I felt the victim's pain and shared her anger at not only the offender, but also the insult of the pretense. Good job of broaching such a horrid subject.
Very well done. I have been there and done that. Writing the letter/letters can be very healing. It touched my heart to read the outcome. God Bless You.
Thank you for sharing the most painful of all types of abuse. Your words speak for every little child who is too afraid to speak out on their own. Let the healing begin.
Painful to read, but written very well.

I felt just a tad let down at the end; instead of telling us what the letter did, it might have been more effective if you showed us. You're a very good writer--just a little bit of work on 'show, don't tell' will really polish this gem up.

I hope this will help many people in similar circumstances.
Congratulations on your HC, Melinda. You tackled a difficult subject and did so
very well.
Congratulations for placing Highly Commended in your level!
Thank you all! I know I left the end with a little let down but it's because I wanted to finish the story on my own blog. I so appreciate everyone's encouragement and comments! This has been very enjoyable!
I'm so glad I came across this piece.
I love the story and the relief she got at the end.