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I wonder what would happen if more people looked into a mirror and truly examined themselves. Would they be satisfied with what they saw? I enjoyed this self examination very much. Thank you.
Stunning and beautiful sentiment.
I'm not a poet but I would have left out a few words dotted here and there that interrupted the flow. I really enjoyed it.
This is beautiful. It choked me up a bit. You really opened up your heart and let your feelings out.
A fine message for us all to heed--thank you.

This is a bit bumpy in the meter department--and if you're talking to yourself in the mirror, is that really a conversation, or is it a monologue?

Your tender heart is very evident here!
I enjoyed reading your story. Structured Peotry is not normally my thing so I'll leave all the nits to those who know more than I. I often look back on what my life used to be like. to what it is now, and what it is becoming. Thanks for putting this up.