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I enjoyed reading your story. I was pulled into the character's internal conflict and did not see the mirror coming. Very clever.
Your story is very creative and so intersting. You counseled yourself very well.
I enjoyed this very much and didn't see the mirror. This drew me in like a moth to the flame. Thank you for a very good story.
Very, very good.
This was a touching talk with a nice surprise ending.
Yea--jolly good surprise!
Great writing.
Clever twist, and very good writing skills.

The nitpicker in me wants to say that even though this was definitely face-to-face (well done), is it a conversation, if a person is talking to herself?

At any rate, I definitely enjoyed this entry. Well done!
This is a wonderful article. Thanks for writing it. Excellent writing!
I had a simliar idea with a mirror but didn't know how to pull it off. you did a great job. Enjoyed it much, very much.
Very very good. I got sucked in at the end. For a minute I thought the person doing the counselling was a man and there were issues there, which I suspect is what you wanted your readers to think.
I like your writing a lot. I especially like the 'banter' of the body language. I read through it a second time paying just as much attention to that as the dialogue. Her personal struggle was even more clear in the body language. I like the concept that she's giving herself more than a pep talk...discovering her convictions, if you will, through herself by way of the mirror. Very cool! Didn't see the mirror coming, it was a great little twist.
An ending that surprises the reader always takes the cake. This one did that for me. Fresh and creative.

Nice take on the topic - loved your title. You definitely "got me" at the end. Good job.
Great job, Cheryl. That could have been me looking back from the mirror. Honored to be sharing the HC spot with you.
Congratulations on a great placing!!!
What a powerful message that we all need affirmation, even from ourselves, that we are usable and valuable to Him. I especialy loved how you twisted the ending into revealing that she was talking to herself. I wondered why she was untouchable but never thought of the mirror. Very well done.