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Good poem - so sad that many people think good works will get them to Heaven. I'm glad you brought out that Jesus is the only way.
I was enjoying a nice walk with your poem, then suddenly "God said, Stop!"
How easy it is for us to get caught up in all of our well-meaning activities and forget the source of all goodness. Great poem.
I like your poem very much. The rhythm flows well and it is an honest depiction of how we sometimes "keep score" of our good deeds. You bring Jesus back into focus as the only way to the father.
And God finally said, “STOP”.
I can’t hear anymore.
I am so sick and tired,
Of the way you keep score.

Sobering. Thanks for writing.

LOVED this! You did such a great job. This piece has great rythym and motion to it. I too enjoyed the part about 'keeping score'. But my favorite part was when God talked about Jesus being the gatekeeper and that if He knew you...all is good. Great job!
I enjoyed this very much. I loved when God said stop. How easily we forget that it is not works that get us into heaven. Thank you for such a poem
I loved this touching conversation with God. Nicely done a few typos but next time hit preview so you can see what your piece will look like.

The ending is a great reminder that many of us need. It's easy to think keeping score will matter. Great message.
Not sure what "bluff" rhymes with or what it means in this context, but overall this was good. Keep up the good work.
I'm sure most of us recognize ourselves in this poem!

Consider working on rhymes--don't force a rhyme, and look for more complex, interesting rhymes. This may be slightly off-topic, as conversations with God (until we're in heaven) aren't really face to face.

Your meter is very good, and the pacing really works with your subject. I enjoyed this poem.
Congratulations for placing 8th in your level!