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I don't even like poetry, but this one I like. Good job! Very entertaining!
I loved the line about the folks who " minded their vowels, knew their verbs from their nouns."
Well done, nearly perfect in both rhyme and meter. Be careful of "it's" (which means "it is") and "its" (which is possessive). Very nice story, covering three generations!
This is a delightful story! Very well done.
I like this poem. It has a sing-song feel that made me want to keep reading.
A very creative take on the topic -I enjoyed it :)
Loved the story! Reminds me of the book "Peace Like a River". One of the characters in the book would write poetry like that. Good job.
Corrie, this was a cute poem - made for an enjoyable read. Just watch out for that "its" and "it's" thing - as in "help was on it’s way." "It" is one of the few words that doesn't use the apostrophe of possession. That's because it would be too easily confused with "it is." Ah English! You got love it - rules that are rules, until they change the rules.

Anyway, have to let you know that you rated very well with the Level 2 judges, and ranked 8th out of the 36 Level 2 entries that week. So be encouraged and keep up the great work. I'll look forward to seeing more of your work in the future Challenges. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)