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Funny! I like the humor in this peice. I thought you were going to climb down out of the tree and rake the pile of leaves closer. LOL Fun take on the topic and...I like the expanded motto.
This was a fun read. My daughter vomited the one and only time she went skydiving. I think your reluctance to jump just means you're getting older. My husband used to love those daring adventure, but now that he's hit his 40 s he's a tad reluctant to jump from a plane.
This was fun to read. The image of vomiting while free falling was truly disgusting, and I'm glad you chose not to elaborate!
I enjoyed this - you are definitely a lot braver than I am!

Good writing!
You hurled when you hurled? Not a good thing. As an acrophobe, I'll have to settle for "enjoying" your adventures on FW. Congratulations on your well-deserved 2nd place.
Way to go, Daniel. Your work is developing very nicely while keeping your unique take on life and sense of humor. Never lose that creative edge, it sets you apart. Congratulations on your placement!
Congratulations Daniel. (I had no trouble spotting this as your entry!) Very well done indeed, but please don't go jumping out of the plane on the way home!