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This is one wide chameleon I really enjoyed this piece. You have a nice subtle sense of humor. As a parent one of the thing I've managed to do is to teach my kids to think for themselves. It isn't always easy and sometimes when we're disagreeing I question if that was a wise choice. But the truth is I do want my kids to think for themselves. Your piece shows the importance of that. Nice job!
I love it; it made me laugh. It is very creative and that is one wise chameleon. I taught and your right, they don't want the kids to think, just give back politically correct answers.
I love this concept. There were a few times when I felt like the "lesson" got a little heavy. Trust your writing to carry the message. Still, great creativity and fun writing. Good job!
My favorite line: "You won't find me sitting on something a hawk eats." Great!

I really enjoyed this and I generally don't get excited about non-realistic pieces (ie: talking animals). But you did such a good job that I thoroughly enjoyed this, even though it was told from the point of a reptile!

Congratulations, Yvonne. Such ad true and timely message, given the state of the world that begs us to blend in. A very deserving win!