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This was far fetched, but enjoyable none the less. Robots with emotions is a novel concept. thank you for a very interesting story. Good job and God bless.
This was wonderful. In fact I did laugh but I also felt like crying. You did an outstanding job without being preachy. It was also fresh and original.
Outstanding! This is an excellent xample of out-of-the-box writing wirh a pointed message. Some of the beginning bits dragged a bit,but this is wonderful!
This was fun to read! I feel sorry for the Christian family, but I know from experience that it's hard to be truly Christlike. Good job! I hope you do well.
Very creative take on the topic. Human behavior viewed through the eyes of a robot with a little humor here and there. I enjoyed reading this.
This is awesome! Great for engaging the good ol' emotions chip. ;) I giggled at many parts and it pained my heart that those Christian families were no different than secular ones. At first I expected the robot to say that they were more caring, self-controlled, etc. I especially liked the part about those families being "disconnected from their power unit." If we ever find ourselved "malfunctioning," it's time to plug in to the power of Christ!

GREAT job on this one!
What an accurate description of the way Christians get programmed to act like the world in so many ways. Funny too.
This was SO good!! Totally unexpected on this topic, but refreshing and delightful with that wonderful message at the core. Really a wonderful job!
A very good read, yet not without a degree of sadness because of the many believers who differ little from non-believers. If only we have the heart, we would know where our priority should lie. Thanks for sharing this.
Great job. It's hard to keep up a Christlike attitude in the face of the news channel. I really enjoyed reading it.
Congrats on getting second place! I enjoyed this one. :)