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Thank you for a very interesting story. Sci-fi is not one of my strong suits. Good Job and God bless.
Although I' ve always fallen asleep when I watched the Matrix I still enjoyed your story and chuckled here and there.
Enjoyable read. I hope you are still around to read your comments... hehe.

Having never seen The Matrix, I think I'm money ahead, and will stay that way. Go football. A fun read.
Hehe! This was fun to read. My brother does the "red pill/blue pill" thing a lot. I think I'm going to have to send this to him. Thank you!
Congratulations! You have just reinforced my resolve to never ever watch the Matrix! I certainly hope that Jesus will rescue your character from his insecurity rather than Neo. ;)

Tiny red ink: You used "that" instead of "than" in one place.

This was creative and hilarious!