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Wow, good job. It's true that touch is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

However, I'm not sure if I agree with this sentence: "But then, it is impossible for two to walk together unless they agree, and we must not be joined together as believers and non-believers." It seems like you're talking about mere companionship here, where he Scripture in question was referring specifically to marriage. I think it's great when people who disagree are friends; when you disagree with someone your own thinking on the matter is clarified as you try to convince them, rather than just comfortably believing something because all your friends do. "As iron sharpeneth iron, so one man sharpeneth another."

I loved your last part about loneliness. I feel it sometimes and it's so good to know I have people who love me. And of course, even if nobody did, I still have my Father there.

Sorry for the super long comment. :)
You made some excellent points. In the beginning it seemed like you had quite a few run-on sentences. But I like the lesson you gave. I agree, God knew just what he was doing when he created us.