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You make some outstanding points and give a gentle reminder.
I'd like to know what the intriguing creature was. You have a good message, but I think it was a little disjointed. I like the progression from all seeing creation to seeing needy people.
I liked the message of this piece, but feel the first paragraph could be eliminated. It didn't seem to tie into the following ones.
Not sure why the spacing is goofed up, but next time preview what your entry will look like before you submit it. That will prevent the same mistake.
The ideas you present here are very good!

I would have expanded that first paragraph... Make it a guessing game almost. Describe what you saw that you hadn't really "seen" before, and let the reader guess what it is, before revealing it.

Good job. There are some good reminders here. Keep writing!
Your message is a great reminder, we get so caught up in things that we forget to enjoy what God gives us. Thank you!