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I enjoyed reading this and can relate on so many levels with so many different people in my life. If we all paid attention to others in our lives as closely as Jesus paid attention to us~can you imagine the communication. I think your daughter would be more than willing to listen to you talk and communicate with her, have you let her read this? I think it would move her. God Bless~
So well said! One would always regret not listening if they lost them young in life. Blessings to you. Ruth
I absolutely loved this story - so interesting and so true. Wonderful! Colin
Absolutely beautiful! I can so relate to what you are saying having raised three girls. Now I try to listen more closely to my grandchildren. What a delight they are!

I too think you should share this with your daughter. It is so moving!

Great job, Shann!
This was a really good article, and a great warning to listen while we can. Thank you. :)
I enjoyed this devotional a lot. I like the flow of the story and how you laid out God's Truth for us without it sounding one bit preachy.
I can't tell you how much this touched me Shann. I still have my little chatterbox, and often I also don't truly listen. What a gift you gave me today by reminding me that I need to grab those precious moments.

I think biographical writing is one of your strengths - I've loved every one you've done. This devotional layout is wonderful.
You may hear what is being said, but listening is another matter altogether. That is where we make our mistake. You have to be present in any conversation. Good job and well written.
My heart was seized with reminiscing memories of my own as I read this and my feelings were right in line with yours. Your messages are excellent and beautifully told.
What a life-lesson you reveal here. Truly, listening, really listening, is priceless. My grown daughter calls me and talks on and on. I have to admit, I tune out some of it when it's about her friends and their latest trials. But, you have reminded me how important it is to be engaged.
Your writing seems effortless.

What a great reminder to have...someday I will be begging them to talk to me, lol. Great devotional; I truly enjoyed it!
Very well done! You've touched a chord in all of us. Great job.
Such good reminders in your oh-so-true story. That's another things I'd do better the second time around (smile) really listen. I like how you showed the change from childhood to teen time.
I love the verse & quote you used to tie into the body of the piece. What a touching and poignant piece. And I love the reminder that in God's infinite capacity to hear- we are never drowned out by other pressing matters.

Great job, Shann. Doubly impressed knowing the feat it is when you're not feeling tops. (shoulder bump) good for you!
Very nicely done on this devotion! Loved the quote at the end
What a true, well written devotional. Thank you so much. I have raised or help raise 4 different sets of kids so I know how true this is. I agree, let your daughter read it. It will open up dialog. Thanks!