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This was a delightful read. It was great that the wife found her answer in the Bible. You did an excellent job of showing me everything that was happening. I had very vivid pictures in my mind.
I enjoyed the playful romping around in this between husband and wife. Gave me a big smile!
Clever piece, I hope it's all true. What a fun life you two are having. Blessings, Ruth
Great piece. I laughed out loud several times. What a great reminder for me to lighten up and enjoy the moment. Let's see, Mike gets home from work about 8:00 p.m. - hmmmmmmm.
Loved this fun filled story between husband and wife. If this is a true story then your marriage is one filled with love and joy. Good job and keep writing. God bless.
Great story telling, realistic dialogue, lots of good word pictures!
Enjoyment! I love doing this with my husband. It is great. One time he was brushing his teeth, we were in a hotel and he thought I was in the car already. He came around the corner I said "RAH" and he twirled his toothbrush in the air I think a hundred times which made it that much funnier. I said what the heck were you trying to do turn me into a rabbit? Laughter is truly the best medicine and when you have it in a marriage it is great.