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I love the title. It drew me right in and I found myself wanting to know more about that Whisper from Within.

You have a few editing errors, but they can be fixed. For instance:You don't need the s on winter or if you do want to keep it because you think it sounds better you need to add an apostrophe- winter's morn.

I loved the line near the end having an ear to hear. You put so much feeling in this verse. It really moved me.

I think more people might read it, if you put the lines into typical poem lines. It is a beautiful piece and it sounds poetic.
I could feel your passion in your plea to listen, hear and "do", while we are yet still alive. Good message.
I liked the piece very much.I too liked the part sighted by another comment as well. Keep it up. Blessings, Ruth
Your words were so touching and did reach deep into my heart where they caused my spirit to smile...they were not only true but beautiful.
I can feel your passion in your writing.
I recommend you continue to work on grammar, spelling and sentence structure. There are two very good classes on FW, one by Jan and one by Ann.
Good take on the subject.

Thanks for this beautiful and heartfelt devotional. So true!
What a thought provoking devotional; there is so much in this world we do not hear, mostly because it's difficult and we avoid it. God opens our ears, nudges our hands and feet. Great message!
Writer Mom, you have some beautiful imagery along witht the message. Re-working some of the paragraphs a little bit and editing grammar would have increased it's impact.
This story reminded me of a time I went to work and there was a cat in the parking lot that was just sitting not acknowledging the vehicles or any person speaking to it. I tried to get it to react and on failed attempt decided to go ahead into work and clock in. I felt heavy all morning thinking about that cat. It was helpless and it too was Gods creation. I decided to tell my boss I was taking a point and left, the cat still sitting in the same spot rocking back and forth after an hour and half helplessly allowed me to lift it into my car. It stared at me all the way to vet whimpering cries as I pet it softly. The vet said after tests it was bleeding in it's brain must have been hit by a car or someone was just cruel to it which is why it was not moving. My heart broke for that animal. It reminded me of a hungry stray dog I had seen at a gas station that everyone kept passing by. God sends angels unaware to see who responds to the helpless. Animals do not take gratitude for granted and there are needy people all over, but we have to be cautious and intune with the spirit of God to hear a true need, some take grace for granted and abuse the heart of those willing to help. Keep writing, this was great.
I enjoyed your thought provoking devotional. You've given meat to chew on. Thanks for sharing.
Your title truly brought the story home. The quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit as he guides us and teaches us. How many really hear that whisper of the Holy Spirit? Well done.
Loved this lovely piece. I've read qiite a few this week and enjoyed this the most. Good writing - well done!
I agree, I think we do take our hearing for granted. You have some beautiful winter descriptions in this!
Very good devotional. You've received many insightful comments and good suggestions. Continue writing and submitting to the Challenge.