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I think my favorite line was... by hearts that are hungry to hear. It is so true that there are many hearts out there hungering for the Word of God.

But I feel you might have lost some of those hearts by using so many big words. Many publishers suggest writing between a 6-9 grade reading level if you're writing for the general public.

Your words were so powerful, and your passion is palpable. It would be a shame if people skipped over this piece because they felt intimidated by some of the words.

Don't ever lose your passion or give up writing. You have beautiful messages that people need and want to hear.
I loved this, especially how you reflected on the dry bones coming together, and how God brings words together and breathes life upon them.
I am in awe at the beauty of your words portrayed in such inspiring thought. You have a real gift and I look forward to seeing all of the places you will go with your writing. I do agree that fewer fancy words would make it a bit less intimidating for "basic minds" like mine. :)
I enjoyed the message within this story but needed a dictionary to fully understand some of the words. I like learning the meaning of unfamiliar words, but use them cautiously and sparingly.
I loved how you shared your writers heart. Some wonderful symbolism. Blessing, Ruth
i enjoyed the use of kept my attention and was an easy read for me. The thought was precious throughout. You will touch a very educated group that might not ordinarily read a poem because you stimulate their intellect!
The message you share here is great. Unfortunately it is very hard to read. It almost comes across as forced elegance of wording to the point where I am sure many would have to pause to recall what certain words mean, or actually stop to look them up. Just my thoughts, but keep writing. :)
I loved the imagery in the line, Whispered words become a shout pregnant with the promise of new life. Beautiful message...
Reminds me that wisdom is whispered whereas truly shouted words is usually bad advice!
(God whispers while that other guy...shouts)
Poetic prose is a dying art and you masterfully brought it back to life. Beautiful imagery. I agree with Michele - I liked that line too.
I enjoyed this but had to use my dictionary on some of the words. The last few line said it all. Truly beautiful. To me this should be a winner.
I too find that God is the one who wakens my words. I cannot write without His guidance. The word choices were nice but I agree that some were confusing.
How brilliant you are! Each line has so much to say that I read it over again. Yes, you use a wealth of vocabulary, but it works so well in this work. I had to work at it.
Splendid content and expression.

I love the haunting quality of your writing in this piece. Thanks!
Your use of language is exquisite, and I love the poetic feel of this. I especially enjoyed it because I'm reading through Ezekiel right now. Beautiful writing!
You've struck many different cords in your readers, that's a good thing because the poem will be remembered by all! Weigh all of the comments, then follow your own heart and gut. We all write to a different audience, determined by our God-given gifts.