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What an awesome interpretation of the topic--absolutely unique and creative. Your writing style is a pleasure to read. Loved your descriptions, and the scene was set well--I could feel the mood.

My only suggestion is this: In paragraph one, there's a lot of adjectives used--pelting rain, cold rivulets, heavy wooden door, magic world--all in one sentence. All are great, but when grouped so closely, they take power away from each other.

Having said that, I thought paragraph two was magnificent, and absolutely perfect. And, I thought the entire piece was fabulous, a joy to read, creative, and very well done.
I liked your descriptions, especially this: "...old spines are kept warm by the fire. Their wisdom is shared with all who seek." You seemed to make the authors of old came to life again.
I absolutely love this article. I traveled every step of the way with you through the doors and to the shelves. I experienced your delight. What a beautiful expression for the love of a library.
This is so beautiful I love the description. The first paragraph had my mind playing the music heard in the background of a movie when danger lurks. But I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the music changed to safety and joy. Good job!
Nice job of evoking an enchanted atmosphere! Though I love libraries, I haven't quite viewed them this way before. Thanks! :)
Very creative and well written story.
Beautiful descriptions here. I agree with one of the others who said the first paragraph contains too many descriptions. Other than that, this is a well-written piece. Good work.
Awww, I liked this! A creative look at a trip to the library from the eyes of one who is truly in love with it...which is all of us :-)

Perfect touch on the ending!
I liked the whole thing...first paragraph and all. :0) (You described my love of the library that began in childhood. Sadly, I'm not sure as many are drawn to the magic of that "Otherworld" these days). Well done.
What level am I reading in? I had to look again. This is well written, well paced, creative, and wonderful take on the topic. I loved it. Scoot over advanced level and make some room.
Wow! I am hooked..a very unique take on the library being its own world. Watch out Masters..
Thoroughly enjoyable. Well done.
A very creative approach on the topic and nicely written.
What a very creative approach to what a Library is! Thank you. Keep writing.
Amazing. Loved the spin you took here. Felt like you had been inside my imagination as a child.