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I do love poems, and I'm always in awe of people who can write them. I enjoyed this one, and I agree, the Bible is the best of them all.

There is nothing new under the Sun, and every book written since, is a copy of some sort--of the one and only.
Enjoyed this. A message we should all remember.
This is a beautiful poem about the best book ever written. I've never thought of it as a library book before, but how wonderful it is there for those who can't afford one or are just browsing and happen upon the book to change one's afterlife.

A couple of little editing notes Gods and Lets should both have an apostrophe before the s.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. It would make a neat plaque for the door of a library; especially could see it on my church library's walls. Good job.

I agree w/ Shann about the neat idea of seeing the Bible as a library! You might want to experiment w/ some rhyming variations such as "slant rhyme"--e.g. inexact rhymes like "cliff" w/ "laugh." Nice job. :)