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I love this line: "...We learnt that we had never had any idea at all about what we were doing. He agreed..."
Hey, now you have two comments!!! :)

Interesting approach, having the repeating lines. I liked how you showed the concern of the parents and the letting go process. Especially liked the line in high school about not knowing if the parents would survive. Good job!
This is very good, especially the ending!
Can identify with this well written challenge every step of the way! A great take on the topic, lots of little journeys in the metajourney! Well done and thanks for the walk down memory lane. Yeggy
Sorry I missed it before - all tucked in the middle there! I love the story - but I don't think Bon Voyage is the best word to use at the end of each stage. I do understand it's the symbolic end of each journey and it was the topic for the week but if you were writing this not for the challenge, I would use somethink with a more rounded meaning. Bon voyage just means happy journeys and that translation, doesn't seem too relevant.
Anyhow, it's different, creative and it's gets my thumbs up. Thanks for the insight into raising your kids. :) I can totally see what it would be like! Love and God bless.
This is so beautiful and totally different. Truly creative.
I relate to this story perfectly. 2 children. Good writing.
I really enjoyed this, it's the way I see my future, in snapshots and significant moments. I liked the linking lines, it gave the piece a rhythm. Great job! God Bless, Karen
How true! All the way through!
Congratulations on your win! Many Blessings, Holly
First place?! Wow! Congratulations! You deserve it, well and truly. I love the way you've incorporated the theme into raising your son. Great writing!
Julianne, when your entry came through in the semi-finals, I made a note next to it that from a purely personal point of view, I loved this. The reason? Because I have an 18 year old son, and those stages all ring very true. I think the "bon voyage" aspect fit perfectly! Well done lovely lady! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Great story! Congratulations on your win!
Deb was right and I was totally dead wrong when I wrote my comment on this article all those days ago... Bon Voyage does fit perfectly. I actually had this in my mind the week after commenting and I never came back and voiced that I had left a stupid, brash opinion that I saw to change later.
I get it, bon voyage for each stage of the life. You're saying bon voyage for the STAGE of the life...
So, here's my heartfelt: I'm sorry and a bit of a git for reviewing without thinking things through. But, ah... If I thought about it, I'd never be able to review half the articles I have!