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This story really resonated with me. The doctor's examination was funny, and I agree that a good walk often cures my writer's block. This story also has a great message. I often have to cast my cares upon the Lord when I feel like I'm failing as a writer. Thank you for a truly inspiring article. :)
Very hilarious, but spooky :) :) :) I enjoyed your creativity. So much fun. Thanks.
Clever, entertaining and downright fun! Good Job.
Loved this very much. I loved the doctors advice. You did an outstanding job.
This is very good. Enjoyed reading it and learning new word: neocortex. lol
I like Dr. Write--very creative! I'll have to remember "Neocortex Obstruction"... :) This was fun to read, and I enjoyed it a lot... well done.
This was a very fun, creative read. I know you asked for red ink, but I have nothing but praise for it. I sense a rising talent :-)
Oh, this is terrific and worth printing out and putting on my inspiration bulletin board. I love your description of the dr. and the dialog is excellent. I agree - a rising talent here!
Very good. Unique style. You're talented.

Loved the creative take! You put some thought into this ;-)
"First of all a change of scenery should cure your lack of vision"&mdah;I agree completely. However, sometimes when we don't have such a luxury, the next best thing is to research, compile and rewrite. Amidst a writer's block, we can trust God to be our guide. Delightful reading.