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This could have been written by me, but of course, it wasn't! I enjoyed it very much.
Sounds like so many writers. Loved this. Good job.
Sounds like you need a trade-in. Maybe Calliope or Melpomene are available?
Seriously though, I enjoyed the personification of your muse. We've all been there although yours seems more temperamental than most! Nicely done.
Now this is creativity at its best! I am sure you have succeeded in stirring the companions of muse within each of us as we read this. Going to have to think about mine and find her a name. :)
Very interesting article. I enjoyed reading it, and even started wondering what I would call my own "muse". But now I've decided to give the Holy Spirit credit for all my inspiration. I wouldn't have any stories but for him. It's a comfort to know that God cares, even about little things like my stories.
I can definitely relate, my inspiration comes and goes on a whim. I love stuff that is fun and this was an enjoyable read, good job.