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Oh, what a fun story. It took me a little bit to get it, but then I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good job!
I love the birds eye view! Interesting take on the subject. Fun read!
What an imagination. I loved this from beginning to end. The title was frosting on the cake. Good job.
This is excellent.
You handled the accent really well and I enjoyed the contrast between the various prisons.
Nice creative approach! Sounds like the parakeet's from the deep south.
Wonderful imagination and such a fun read. If I had read anymore, think me's b talkn like dat!!
Actually, I think someone's been reading too many stories with New York accents. ;)
A fun, creative piece. It was a while before I realized the narrator was a bird, but the message is loud and clear!
Aww, I love this story! :) Very well-written. It was very creative to tell the story from the bird's point of view. I adore his accent. ;)

I be perceivin' a purty lil' ribbon fer this piece. ;)
Great dialog and creativity.
Aw.... as an animal lover, I "loved" this exchange between a parakeet and his writer. :) This warmed my heart!
This was very heartwarming. Thank you for a truly delightful story. This parrot truly had a lot to say. I enjoyed the interaction between the Warden and the parrot.
Congrats! Loved your piece!
Told ya you'd get another ribbon. ;) Congratulations!!!
Miss Caitlyn can write! What an out-of-the-box wonderful story you told! I'm looking for more from you. I love your style. That's it. You have a solid style that reveals your work. Splendid.

Congratulations! I enjoyed your piece very much. Well done.
How creative! If I hadn't seen the author's name I would've bet this was by another FW known for her birds. So much fun here...Congrats~
Congratulations! I t'ink 'Y'
have a gweat imag'wination! This was a fun read!
WOW! I love your creativity and this sad green parakeet. Congratulations on a very captivating story and well deserved 1st place and EC!
Congratulations, Caitlyn, for your ribbon and editor's choice award!!