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What you wrote was truth plain and simple. Good job.
You captured my interest in your retelling of David's life in verse and then you stopped. Why did you stop when you were going so well - what about the ark of the covenant, bathsheba and David's great confession psalm, absalom's rebellion and the plans to build a temple?!
I enjoyed this and would also like to see it continue...good job!
Given the title, not enough spent on content, showing or telling of the psalmist and the King. Meter a little choppy could flow better. Keep writing.
Good job in your attempt to write about a lowly shepherd, king, a psalmist, and a man after God's own heart. A beautiful poem written from a writer's heart... well-done.
God bless you as you continue writing for the glory of God. Thank you.
What a lovely poem about one of my favorite writers of the Bible! :) David was quite a guy.
You have some good thoughts in here that reflect some real truths. The item that caught my attention was the last verse, that David wrote songs to glorify the Lord. I've been thinking about this lately and appreciating the comfort God has been able to give me from worship and the lyrics that someone had to write...someone like David. Thank you.
Your love of the Lord and the Word are obvious in this retelling. I wonder where you were in relation to word count? Now that the judging is over, you may want to go back and add to the story in keeping with the tone you set.