The Official Writing Challenge
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I enjoyed your take on this topic. A fun read.
I loved how you covered this weeks challenge. Job well done. Sounds like myself.
Great imagination and good dialogue. Wish I could have a dream that induced a story! :)
The dream sequence worked well and was fun, although I found the musings leading up to it a bit laboured. Moreover the transition into the dream was a bit sudden and I had to go back and read a bit when I clued in to what you had done. But you certainly conveyed very vividly some of the emotions experienced by every writer!
Interesting, probably easier to follow if the story was being told in a conversation rather than this article. Too many jumps which makes it hard for the reader to follow. If I have to go back more than twice to figure where you're going, it shows care was not taken for the reader. Always keep in mind we are not in your head so write it like you would be reading it for the rest time with us. Keep writing.
Ah, the writer's struggle, this would have been good for this week's entry also. I like how you portrayed the frustration of writing and re-writing, especially when everyone else seems to have no problem at all. And sometimes it does seem like God has to step in and give us a little boot to get the story going again.
Wow, that was a long dream! *Wink*

This is an interesting and creative story, although the wording is a bit awkward at times. With practice, you could polish it into a very unique writing style.

I enjoyed the ending where Darcey finally gets an idea for her writing (through the dream) and gives the glory to God. I can relate to getting inspiration in similar ways. :)
I thought you effectively captured the frequent feeling of frustration most of us experience w/ the writing process. I do think there were a few lines (e.g. re: the locks of hair & "I stunned at my feet") that could perhaps be restructured or re-worded. Thank you for your story! :)
I am assuming a 2nd comment is within the rules. :) Just want to add that although "I stunned at my feet" did sound awkward :)...have to say that I found this to be brilliantly clever and I laughed OUT LOUD at Judge "Bigwig" and Dr. Peter Roget. And the law of simplicity was great!