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Great story! Enjoyed the MC's inner struggle for fame versus his Christian values and thought your dialogue was great too.
Loved this beyond words. It is also written you cannot be slaves of God and of money. Thank you and God bless.
What a great message! I'm glad your narrator did what was right, even if it meant sacrificing his book deal. Good job.
Good story, well-written. The song comes to mind: "I'd Rather Have Jesus...." Amen.
Nice job! I like how the publisher keeps saying, "This is Hardwick", emphasizing his arrogance and building his character. The plot may be a little too predictable, but it was very well told. I like the closing line a lot! That One Reviewer's opinion is all that needs to matter. :)
This is great! "The Choice" is one we can all relate to (in our daily lives). Your story held my interest thoughtout! Love this!
Ah, what a choice! It seems so easy to the reader, yet in reality, what a struggle. I'm glad Jake made the right choice and he is correct--the review that matters is the one he already has. Nicely done!
Excellent portrayal of the kind of choice a Christian should make. I'm glad you had your main character stick to Biblical principles, in spite of the struggle to do otherwise.
Very enjoyable read. I'm so glad your MC stuck to his guns over his MS (manuscript). Unfortunately, some Christian authors these days don't, and are prepared to include sex, and profanity in their novels. You're comment about the review that matters more is something we should always keep in mind. Well done, I hope this does well :-)
Your characters were well-developed through the dialogue. I thought the plot was a little predictable, but overall, excellent work.
Ohhhh, this made me truly cry... Anything, any story of Believers standing up for Jesus and His righteousness make me cry. You gave me a new and refreshing hope for writing what God has bid me to write. You style is very good- bold, yet Christlike and full of mercy to your readers like me. I'd like to meet Jake and his family...:) I rejoice with you for placing 1st three awards. God continues to bless you as you write for Him. Amen.