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Very unique, very entertaining and just darn right cute! Really enjoyed your creativity on this.

I'm encouraging level 1 and level 2 comrades to join me in the free forum classes under "writing". Jan and Ann offer grammar and writing basics for us and it's absolutely great!
Thank you so much. This was as cute and entertaining as ever. I really liked this.
Well written with a good ending and title. This was fun to read.
Very enjoyable read. Thank you. I really liked the ending.
Very original, I liked the sneakiness of the MC's friend, and that she stopped her notes once the mystery was gone--obviously because her job was through. What a good picture of friendship!
Good title for another well-written entry!

Interesting how Catherine turned out to be the one who encouraged and believed in Jen the most when at first she seemed almost inconsiderate of her writing dream. I almost thought that Tracy was the mysterious critiquer because of her obvious love for cats. :D

I think this is great for the topic.
Caitlyn, good job. liked the ending as well.

Love the title for starters. Quite a unique take on the topic. As writers, we all need friends like Tracy and Catherine. Oh, hang on... we do-right here at Faithwriters :-)

I only picked up on one tiny thing, I think there should have been an extra dash between nine and page in thirty-nine-page chapter

This was a good, smooth flowing read, well done!
Yay Caity! How did I know you'd be getting first place? ;) See you in Advanced!
I loved this! And I loved what a great friend KittyMarie was! Congratulations. You deserve it.

I think, just like Jen, we all want to top a best-seller list and have the world adore our writing, but sometimes, while the rest of the world ignores what we've written, we can still make a difference for one person. And sometimes that's more important. A few years ago, I wrote a book I poured my heart into. I tried to get it published, but nobody wanted it. I even had an agent helping me. Still no go. Frustrated, I let my boyfriend read it and asked for his honest opinion. His honest opinion? He read it through twice before giving it back (and saved a copy on his computer). It changed his life. He's my husband now, and when I get discouraged, he never stops reminding me that my writing changed his life. Sometimes, that one person is more valuable than the thousands who pull it off a bookstore shelf. Like Jen, don't get discouraged if it feels like no one cares about your writing. God always does. And He'll use it in ways you can't imagine. Keep up the great work!