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This was from the heart and true critiques hurt but I think the ones brave enough to truly critique others work don't do it to be mean. They are trying to help us grow and become better writers than when we first began. Hang in there and keep writing because I think God has led all who write to do just that.
This is good! Well written, poignant, and down to earth. Truly enjoyed this entire article in every respect but especially your great sense of humor.
Hmm. I think I can guess who wrote this. ;)

Very good article. I found it interesting how you mixed your telling passages with your dialog. In a way it was a tad distracting, kind of like pausing a movie time and time again, but that just helped you get your point across. You did a good job.

And three cheers to your wife for being a good critiquer. It always helps to have someone like that in our lives.
I enjoyed your article very much. You ended your piece with a lesson for writers like me worth taking to heart. True, every Christian writer holds accountability before God. This reminds me of Mat.12:36-37. Thank you for the challenge. You have stirred me to think about my writing more carefully and wisely. God bless you.