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I loved the way you handled this week challange. This was very well written and so very true. Our lives are master pieces or manuscripts in the hand of the Master.
This was beautifully told, written and moving. What a testimony to "believers" as much as non-believers!
Isn't it wonderful how God chooses different ways to talk to His children?

One thing I noticed--she was in a roadway, then a forest path, then a grassy hill, then the ocean--maybe too many settings for such a short story?

The story is full of sadness and hope--love the 180 degree turn in your protagonist's spirit.
The message in the bottle was the manuscript? I guess. Nicely done, but always capitalize Him when speaking of the deity.
Beautiful language and a lovely message (in AND out of the bottle :D). I could feel her angst.
Wow! I liked the passion and anguish I could feel coming from your character. She really has a lot of life.

However, I don't think she would be finding too much solace in the ocean's waves when her mouth is full of sand. That is quite an uncomfortable feeling.

Still, your story had a very good message. How wonderful it is to know that God cares for when nothing seems to be going right.