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What a gripping story. I take it you meant Christ in your story. Beautifully done.
This is absolutely wonderful. A winner in my book.
Beautiful allegory.
Excellent in every respect... captivating, right on topic, well written and heart piercing! Good Job!
Excellent and compelling. In your story, I felt the agony of humanity's rejection of the Author's offer of salvation. Great job in writing this compelling allegory.
Interesting idea. I liked this a lot.
Well deserved win. ending was stellar!
Welcome to our fat happy group of writer's in "advance."
I like the way you started out as though it was the manuscript that was rejected.

But in the end it was not the manuscript that was rejected, but the author.
Congratulations! You really wrote a great story. :)
I loved your allegory. Congratulations!
Delightfully subtle! There is a bit of rejection in all our lives that is a reflection of the One we have all rejected. There is greater depth to your story than just an allegory. It reaches into the bowl of "the truth of life" and comes up with a wonderful specimen!

Thank you for sharing